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Break Through Cancer is a foundation dedicated to supporting translational research in the most difficult to treat cancers. Our partner organizations are among the top cancer research centers—and together, represent some of the most brilliant, creative minds in the country.

We believe Break Through Cancer is the beginning of a scientific movement that accepts nothing less than multi-institutional collaboration in patient-centric cancer research.

The foundation will work closely with teams of scientists, engineers, and clinical researchers to focus on diagnosing, treating, and ideally curing some of the most intractable forms of cancer. While many patients have benefited from advances in research and technology, there are far too many who have been left behind. There are far too many cancers where the needle remains unmoved. Break Through Cancer is committed to making headway in these extremely complex, challenging diseases, and committed to finding new hope for patients and their families.

“All of us, collectively, represent solutions for cancer."

Tyler Jacks, PhD
President, Break Through Cancer

Transforming the way we think about treating, controlling, and curing cancer

Dr. Tyler Jacks, President of Break Through Cancer, is a leading authority in cancer genetics, disease modeling, and immunotherapy. He has deep expertise in bringing together and inspiring multidisciplinary teams to create a shared vision. Break Through Cancer combines Dr. Jacks’s passion and experience in a groundbreaking approach to research and collaboration.

The patient journey

Break Through Cancer is committed to engaging and empowering patients in this journey. They are critical partners in this process. We learn from patients undergoing treatment and participating in clinical trials. Patients are not simply additional datapoints. Quite simply, they are our reason for being, our ‘why.’ Patients and their families provide us with a daily reminder of why we do what we do—and why our work is so urgent.

Hunter Goodwin
patient, partner, hero – As told by Dr. Tyler Jacks

I got to know Hunter Goodwin under incredibly sad circumstances. He was diagnosed with quite advanced cancer and asked me for advice about what he might do for his own treatment. As we began the discussion, it branched out into what we were doing in the plans for the foundation that is today Break Through Cancer. Hunter became extremely interested. I had several conversations with him about what we were thinking of doing and he helped me think it through. He helped me think about where our priorities should be and how we might want to structure things. He became a partner and a friend. Despite receiving the very best treatments available, he passed away from his disease several months later. Before Hunter died, he made a significant financial commitment to this effort. Hunter’s memory motivates us to go as far as we can and do the best we can for all patients.

Make a difference

Break Through Cancer was created in February 2021 with an extraordinary matching gift of $250,000,000. Every gift to the Foundation supports groundbreaking cancer research and helps us to meet our matching commitment.

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