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TeamLabs are the nexus of Break Through Cancer projects. Each TeamLab includes researchers and physicians from five of the world’s top cancer institutions collaboratively working together.

Break Through Cancer is looking beyond conventional therapies, utilizing new strategies, structures, and thinking from across disciplines. The Break Through Cancer TeamLabs are enabled by the principles of radical collaboration:

  1. Real time data and discovery sharing
  2. A Trust and a willingness to share and critique each other’s ideas
  3. An urgent focus on discoveries

Break Through Cancer financial support is just a piece of the partnership. We work closely with teams to assemble and empower the most innovative group of outstanding researchers and physicians, structure their research, get around roadblocks, and get to breakthroughs.



Break Through Cancer was created in February 2021 with an extraordinary matching gift of $250,000,000. Every gift to the Foundation supports groundbreaking cancer research and helps us to meet our matching commitment.

For questions about giving please email Lisa Schwarz, Chief Philanthropy Officer at

Break Through Cancer
101 Rogers Street
Suite 3A
Cambridge, MA 02142